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September 19, 2010, 07:01:59 PM
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Fucking drop Distan, play Hetinga CB and Feliani at DM. Its not fucking hard. Drop Hibbert like the sack of shite he is, put Nevile in. Drop fucking Osman and fucking shoot the cunt and put Coleman in. Play either Tim and A.N other striker or 4-4-2 with Yak / Other depending on the Oppo. Fucking simple. FFS. Grr.

I am in the anger stage of the 7 stages of Grief btw.

September 20, 2010, 12:46:56 AM
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Have you any idea how stupid people look when they swear on a message board?

Distin, with the exception of the United match, has been our best central defender by a mile, so why drop him? Jagielka on the other hand has been poor. CXan we accuse Moyes of playing favourites, and then ask that Jags plays despite poor form? Hibbert has been playing fine. If he loses his place, it would be because Moyes is trying something different. It certainly wouldn't be because he's shite. Cahill has a knee injury. Sometimes it's best to calm down, and read, before jumping in head first and writing crap.

Could not agree more, I am normally quite calm and measured in my posts. However yesterdays performance made me extremely angry. When we play well and lose its takes all of 10 Min's to shrug my shoulders and move on. I am still angry today. That post was silly and I apologise, however it was quite cathartic and in some way helped.