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Author Topic: No More Mister Nice Guy.  (Read 3615 times)

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September 20, 2010, 10:46:46 PM
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Who said anything about winning or not?

It seems pretty clear to me that his approach to the players has been to encourage them by reminding them of how "good" they are.

That approach looks to have led some of them to believe that they can just turn up and win.

I'd guess that this week will involve reminding them about doing the ugly things like running and tackling.

Some of the team selections certainly didn't help on Saturday and some were glaringly a hinderance, but that's all they should have been. The players should still be doing the basics. As NMC said in another thread, none of the out of position players were completely alien to their roles and nor were the other players unaccustomed to seeing them there.

Saturday was a very clear case of collective responsibility. All must improve, starting tomorrow.

September 20, 2010, 11:16:21 PM
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Good post GL , another thing I take issue with is this negative tag ,, except for Saturday the majority of games we play we have more possession and more attempts on goal than our opposition and we have done for the last year or so including when we've faced Utd , Chelsea , Man city , We have played some great football .. admittedly it was back to hoofball against Newcastle but we played some great stuff against Utd  , The old hoofball game has long gone

I actually think that there wasn't enough "hoofball" against Newcastle.

In the first half it was clear we were struggling to break through their midfield for one reason or another and that Beckford wasn't getting the type of service he naturally would want.

If played correctly (ie with accurate balls to Felli) we could have been looking to bypass their midfield and flick the ball on to Beckford.

This was especially the case with our own goal kicks or free kicks deep in our own half. We spent ages trying to pass it to Jags or Distin only once they had it, there was no other option but to whack it whilst under pressure.

September 21, 2010, 07:27:46 PM
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I guess he's going back to bypassing the midfield even more with a hoof from the back at every opportunity and to play percentage football, even more?


I don't see that at all.

As Baines said in the echo yesterday we tried both methods of play and neither worked at all.

The problem was the lack of running when defending, trying to get the ball back etc etc.

I think the change is going to be from telling them how good they are, to telling them to run otherwise they'll be out of the team.

September 21, 2010, 10:58:50 PM
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Well we lack movement to be honest and that cutting edge. It's hard to see where it will come from with the current set of players because none of them are producing it.

No they're not at present, but none of them are suited to long ball, and I mean real long ball, tactics. Our players are now suited to keeping the ball which is why our play has evolved towards that rather than Moyes watching Barca and having an epiphany moment.

The movement both off and on the ball was severly lacking on Saturday, that's true but I think one of the ways that we can create more space is by working harder to win the ball back.

If you disposses the opposition when they are committed to an attack there is a lot more space then when you are starting with a goal kick and 11 men in your way.

We failed to do this against Newcastle, that's why I think there will be an emphasis on the uglier side of the game for a few weeks at least. That doesn't mean that we're going to have to hoof it though.