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Author Topic: 'Reds & Blues: The Ballad of Dixie & Kenny' DVD - my thoughts  (Read 3869 times)

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November 18, 2010, 04:38:22 AM
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Scouse Ruletero

I've been to several Dave Kirby-written shows at the Royal Court in the past - 'Council Depot Blues' (excellent), and 'Brick Up the Mersey Tunnels' (co-written with Nicky Allt; great). I've even seen his 'Fifteen Minutes that shook the world' DVD (excruciating, although as a blue I probably wasn't the target audience). So I'm familiar with his work, and the style of his writing. I really like Andrew Schofield (best actor to never be on telly nowadays), and both Lindzi Germain and Paul Duckworth are very funny performers too. So I kind of knew what to expect, and feel it makes me qualified to give my thoughts on the DVD.

I'll be honest straight away - I didn't like it. There were some very funny moments during the 79 minutes running time (Kenny on the trampoline, Dixie's antics involving Anfield), but ultimately, the toe-curling awfulness parts overpowered the best bits.

The worst thing was.... I genuinely do not think the 'banter' and the 'portrayals' were as fair and as 'even-handed' as has been made out by Kirby in the publicity for the DVD.

Both the Blue, Dixie (Duckworth) and the Red, Kenny (Schofield) characters are portrayed as pathetic. The Blue is the self-professed 'bitter', but the Red is also equally 'bitter'. However, the Red is funnier, has the better lines and scenes, and is only 'bitter' because he finds it funny winding up the Blue. There is no real reason for his bitterness, and it's portrayed as light-hearted banter that maybe oversteps the mark. He has his 'Red' son aiding and abetting him, between them the Reds keep trying to convert the Blues' son to the dark side. How funny.

Dixie's 'bitterness' is portrayed a lot more darkly. He seems psychotic at times, he's always the one who fires the first shot. Ultimately he is portrayed as jealous of Liverpool's success, as if Everton have never had any success of their own. Ironically he seems old enough to have thoroughly enjoyed the 1980s, during our trophy-laden period; so it's not like he's 19 or something and has never seen us do anything.

Kenny just wants to hold a party with his mates, Dixie is the one who's trying to ruin things like a tool. The most annoying thing is the 'battle rap' at the end, where the Reds are going 'Where's your European Cups?' Unsurprisingly, there is no reference to the one thing that would be brought up at this point in 99.9% of situations like this, 'Heysel', presumably on grounds of taste. The film does seem to avoid that topic, which is weird because it embraces every other stereotype going.

Ultimately, I just felt that it never told the full story behind why Dixie was so bitter. It was kind of like listening to your grandad tell you how much he hates the Germans, but only telling you about them stealing the sunbeds early in the morning on holiday, or how they always beat us in international football - not mentioning the real, deep-seated reasons for his hatred of the Germans' i.e. the two World Wars.

It also felt unsatisfying as there was no resolution; clearly this was to leave the door open for a sequel or two, but it would have been more redeeming if there had been some sort of conciliatory gestures made towards each other.
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November 18, 2010, 04:48:06 AM
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Father Mcnulty

Well written post. Probably better written than the film.

November 18, 2010, 04:55:13 AM
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Well written post. Probably better written than the film.
..............took the words right out of my mouth. :cheers:
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November 18, 2010, 05:08:38 AM
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NSNO Subscriber
"..whenever i see an everton shirt i think there goes an everton fan. whenever i see a liverpool shirt i think there's someone wearing a liverpool shirt.."

November 18, 2010, 02:03:08 PM
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top flight for a long time

As soon as I saw a reference to the blue pub being the Bitter and Twisted Arms (or something similar) I decided it was going to be a bit one sided and that I wouldn't want to watch it at all.  Taking into account his other "work" like the 15 minutes one, I have no intention of lining his pockets.
We're forever Everton....

November 18, 2010, 03:22:11 PM
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Bob Sacamano

Sounds fucking awful. I will not be giving this any time whatsoever. Typical never go the game kopites will lap it up no doubt. I expect them to be quoting away too because if they see it on a DVD it must be true.

Nice post by the way.

November 18, 2010, 04:11:50 PM
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I'm probably not qualified to give my thoughts on it except to say; it looks fucking awful. The sooner it dies a death and we can stop seeing/hearing/reading about it the better.

November 18, 2010, 04:37:56 PM
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i saw the clip they showed on sky sports on the day of the derby day and it looked shit

November 18, 2010, 07:47:22 PM
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I could not put it as elequently as you have summarised it but my feelings are the same as the op. My lad bought it, hes 15 and laughed at the 'bitter blue' rants and taunts toward the red and put up with the reds wind ups but i felt like you did that the upper hand remained with the red and at one time in the film it concentrated for so long on the reds that i had to stop watching otherwise the arl flatscreen was going to be drenched in flegm.