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The bottom line here is that, if Allardyce had done anything like a decent job, the response to the survey question would likely have been more positive. If that had been the case, the narcissist that he is would have used that data on every occasion possible to highlight the success he'd been, pointing to the evidence provided by the views articulated by the fan base. 

However, he knew instantly that the survey would reveal the true feelings of the vast majority of blues (including the infamous 15 on social media) so he got his retaliation in first and reverted to type, immediately ascribing blame elsewhere.  Typically, elements of the media have used the exercise to ridicule the club, ignoring the fact that the 'same' survey had been used, without media comment to the best of my knowledge, during the reign of previous manager(s).

The rationale for customer surveys is to elicit feedback to be used to generate improvement. Hopefully, our principal shareholder will realise that the morale of the bulk of the club's 'customers' will be lifted by the introduction of a Sam-free EFC as soon as possible.