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Author Topic: 1st time in the Gwladys. Twice.  (Read 1691 times)

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February 01, 2017, 04:32:27 AM
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bacon sarnie

Well having two Saturdays off in one month, and two home games on the same dates is quite unique for me so went to book some tickets via stub hub as Goodison seems more popular than ever these days and got two at face value for Bournemouth and Sunderland.

Bournemouth is Upper Gwladys 4 Row P, Sunderland is Lower Gwladys 5 Row Z.

Have no idea what the views will be like from lower Gwladys, but I know the atmosphere will probably be a lot louder than anything I've experienced sitting in the Main Stand.

Am excited seeing the boys for the first time twice in a month anyways.  :woohoo:

Decent seats?

Have fun mate and have a pie & a pint on me.

February 01, 2017, 10:59:50 PM
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bacon sarnie

Row Z will be perfectly fine. I'm row F in the lower and I don't mind the view from there

Finally, both prediction league maestros in the same arena. Should meet up for a natter at halftime.

(...ask Bally for a go on his megaphone but don't mention Sons of Anarchy!)

February 05, 2017, 04:49:34 AM
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bacon sarnie

Not a bad idea at all bacon, if you're going to the Sunderland game @DanDan ?

You fellers manage to meet up?

Shite game that like  :whistle: