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Author Topic: Blarg summed it up for me  (Read 10378 times)

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November 28, 2010, 05:32:09 AM
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Blarg summed it all up well for me on another forum.

"David Moyes is making me fall out of love with Everton."

I know we're loitering by the trap door but I genuinely couldn't give a shit at the moment, he's drove me away.

November 28, 2010, 05:47:57 AM
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I'll elaborate on this: Is there any need to start another thread on Moyes, to have yet another moan? We know you're pissed off with Moyes, we've known for months. It's tedious in the extreme to come on here and thread after thread be a recurring theme.

Oh, and the reason you're pissed with Moyes is because he's not matching the expectations you've got that he has instilled. Why is he not matching these expectations? Because we're standing still as a club, financially.

You're right, he's not reaching my lofty expectations.

So are we the 16th best squad in the Premier League?

December 01, 2010, 12:18:03 AM
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We seem to have one of the worst strikeforces. We all knew in the summer we needed a proven, top quality striker. We got two teenagers and a league fucking 1 player on a free. Add goals to our games this season and we wouldn't be in this position.

Well, as I said earlier, we've conceded 27 in 15, so our defence is hardly great either. You'd have a point about the strikeforce, as would nomorechang with his 'if we had a Gyan/Bent..' point, had Moyes not mismanaged the strikers at the club as terribly as he has done. If he would've stuck with Yakubu after he started finding his feet and then he wasn't performing, gave Beckford a try after the Bolton game (or even sooner) and they weren't performing fair enough. But they've both looked comfortably better options than Saha this season and they've found themselves looking on from the bench in most games. So that's Moyes' fault.

December 01, 2010, 12:20:17 AM
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Care to explain where I made that comment?

I'm not defending Moyes on how the team played. I'm providing perspective. Moyes has given us fans these expectations of challenging for a CL place. He's done that against all odds and without financial backing. Now, with players not performing we're being found out. We've stood still for a couple of seasons and we're paying for it. Yes Moyes needs to pull his finger out and get the team playing better, and the players need to take responsibility too.

Things won't change though, because as long as we've got this board we're never going to progress to where the fans think we should be.

Now unless you have a valid point, kindly fuck off you melt.

Yes, he has risen expectations, I've never dodged that. He's done fantastically to assemble the squad he has, as I consistently point out, but that doesn't mean he's exempt from failure. The last two seasons have been dire and this one is even worse given that there's no injury or Lescott excuses, and the squad is far better than 16th. It's not even like we've been very unlucky in a lot of games. A lot of the time we've been pretty poor, leaked goals and looked incoherent and lacking in ideas going forward.

December 01, 2010, 12:22:27 AM
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If I may put my point across...

I genuinely feel that we have reached the glass ceiling in tems of finances and resources available to us. Many people want Moyes out, but this man has had to deal with extremely compromising financial situations that other managers would walk out on. In my honest opinion, I feel that this has to rub off on the players. Say what you want, but a lack of ambition shown by the club would have detrimental effects on the majority of players, especially when you see rival teams strenghtening. There is only so long that " team spirit" and "brotherhood" can take you in the modern game, and Moyes has utilised it to the maximum.

I felt that the signs were there when we sold Lescott. It sent out the mesage that we are, to a degree, a selling club. Also it broke this false myth that the squad were brothers all in it together for the good fight.

I hope I am dead wrong on this, but the FA Cup Final felt like the peak of Moyes' Everton.

He's done great with the finances he's had, but now he's got the squad he is grossly under-achieving, and people are cutting him far too much slack. He fucked last year up and he's doing the same now. We cannot afford to stand still unfortunately, the squad is here, at it's peak, and wasting away because of a negative, backwards-thinking manager.

December 01, 2010, 12:24:17 AM
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Maybe Rimbo you just weren't old enough (or conscious enough) to know what it is like under Mike Walker and Walter Smith. Moyes is the one and only that has given us highs in recent years. Go away and think about it properly.

Admittedly I don't remember that much of the Smith/Walker eras compared to most on here but I could flip that on it's head and say maybe you lot have distorted views on the current progression of the team having see those days. I, however, don't constantly compare it to those areas so I know more clearly when we are grossly underachieving.

December 01, 2010, 12:26:48 AM
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Jesus, there are some moaning fickle twats on here. its one bad "half" of a season. Shut the fuck up and let the man do his job, he'll come through like he always does

No, it's not fickle is it. Or was it fickle last season and the season before that (start)?

He'll come through and make us finish 8th, which will mean we'll be out of Europe and be grossly underachieving, considering the squad is capable of 4th.

I wouldn't mind if we finished 5th or 6th and lost out to pure quality from other sides, but this squad doesn't even look like a team at the moment. For that, it all comes back to Moyes.

December 01, 2010, 04:11:52 PM
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Irrelevant if he's misusing the strikers he does have at his disposal though isn't it?

Yes, with a Drogba or a Villa we could be sitting 4th but without one we should still be in the top half, and actually looking dangerous in games.

December 01, 2010, 05:11:19 PM
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So Yakubu wasn't playing well against the likes of Fulham, Birmingham, Stoke and Liverpool?

To my eyes he was man of the match in at least two of those games and scored in another one. Then, after one average game against Blackpool he was unceremoniously dropped for a French fanny who hasn't done a jot since February, and hasn't looked close to scoring.

To me, it's really simple. Yakubu is the type of player who needs a run of games to get going (remember when he first joined the club?), he eventually got those games as opposed to last season where he could only get substitute appearances. If Moyes would've stuck with Yakubu after that then I'm sure the goals were coming, as were many others I do believe.

Okay, so you don't want to play Yakubu. The very game after Beckford pulled him out of the shit against Bolton he was dropped for Saha, too.

December 01, 2010, 05:31:32 PM
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Yet again , you can't accept that Moyes sees these players every day in training and up until the WBA game he used Saha , based on what has gone on at Finch Farm , you have not got a clue what has happened during these training sessions
 .. dont you think you're shooting yourself in the foot with Beckford ? Off the top of my head I can think of 5 easy chances he's missed in the last 2 games but it suits you to forget them , chances that have cost us points . I think Beckford will come good eventually but putting him in from the start of games when he's clearly not ready is totally counterproductive

Mate, I just don't buy into this 'he sees them every day in training' shite. If Moyes was seeing Saha play amazing in training every week (which I highly, highly doubt he is), if he consistently failed to show up in 6 months of matches he should be dropped regardless. It's just a mute point, no I don't see what goes on in training and neither do you. What we both do we see is abject performance after abject performance on the pitch by Saha, and that's all we have to go off. As I've said, if he was constantly showing up in training and not on the pitch then he doesn't warrant a start. It's that simple, you're going to ridiculous lengths to vindicate Moyes' selection of Saha again.

And isn't it counterproductive to replace him the following game for a finished Saha when it's going to do no good for the lad's confidence? Okay, he's missed five chances but he still has faith in his own ability and all it needs is one or two to go in and I believe that we would start to see a fair few from the lad. However, that's just opinion. What isn't opinion is that we look more dangerous with either Yakubu or Beckford on the field than we do with Saha there.