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March 11, 2017, 05:04:51 PM
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I would like to see if Funes Mori remains as inconsistent/maddening next to a different partner.  Williams has been awful for months.

And even if he is, we can see if Holgate works at CB, so that maybe we try him next to Jags?

I cant think of one centre back he's played next to that has done well consistently in that period with him? Stones had his worst spell of his career last season, Jags declined quickly from being reliable and Williams has looked inconsistent. Williams best game for us was away at Man City and he was playing next to Jags for instance.

For me I think its more likely Williams level would rise next to a reliable centre half partner than it is that Mori's would because he has looked the same rash unpredictable centre back next to Stones, Jags and Williams now.

So much relies on centre half pairing knowing what the other is going to do so they can plan and position where they are or go in case their partner loses it. With Mori you dont know if he is going to fly in and win a header, fly in too late and get pulled out of the picture, hold off deep or fly in and throw in a certain booking challenge. It's really hard if you are the other player to decide what position or shape you need to hold when you have little idea what he is doing in what situation.

I think we should buy 2 centre halves if we can this summer, but I'd be ok with Williams as next in line or if we can't get two and whatever else we need I'd rather us be putting the new player next to Williams than Mori.

March 12, 2017, 02:37:46 AM
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Of course, Stones has been shit at City, too.  Maybe Funes Mori just turns his partners into perma-shit?  In which case yeah, better keep Holgate on the bench.

Buying 2 CBs does make sense if the price is right, it's just too bad we never got much of a look at Holgate (in Cup play, maybe) to see if he could be a better 3rd choice option next season.

I'm not saying he ruins them just highlighting I think he makes it hard for people to play next to him with how he defends. Jags is the best centre back stones has played with in his career, and his best spells were when he was next to him consistently.

On a side note good to see jags back and playing well today. Wasn't up against much but did everything asked of him, not what he was of course but hopefully plays next week.

March 12, 2017, 05:35:45 AM
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What did you make of Williams today Rhys?

Did what he had to do comfortable afternoon but it's not really a game to be judging centre halves today given they werent agianst a forward and they hardly had any possession or threats in our half. Very surprised they didnt start with Rondon given how he can cause centre halves a lot of problems and showed that when he came on.