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April 12, 2017, 05:33:18 AM
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True, im just of the belief that Robles could be a top quality GK, still very young for a gk, and probably improved season on season despite coming in and out of the side

He is 27 in 2 months time, he isnt young anymore. You get keepers like Courtois who is 2 years younger than him, been a number 1 at a top team for 6 full seasons and played over 200 more games than him in his career. He's older than De Gea who has been a keeper at a top club for 8 seasons and has played over 300 more appearances in his career than Joel.

Courtois has played 300 games, De Gea 400. Joel is 2 years older than Courtois, a year older than De Gea and he has played less than 100 games in his whole career. He lets in too many goals that he should save and he is a long way below the standard we need if we want to try and compete with the top teams in the league.

I prefer Stekelenburg but I'd play Joel just because he has a longer future for us as backup so might as well give him more games.

April 12, 2017, 03:03:37 PM
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My goalie knowledge is bang average but isn't it a bit sly to compare him to the two mega keepers of the last 5 years?

What age do keepers who aren't prodigies start holding their own as a #1?

Yeah as @Lxxx mentioned my point was more that keepers don't normally start becoming a number 1 and developing at near 27 you get a lot of keepers these days who play from a lot younger. And also a hint of if we are going to challenge at that level then we are going to need a keeper who is of a lot higher level than Robles.

But while we are at it I've looked at some of the keepers who'd I'd say are at Europa level rather than top level....

Forster by 27 - played about 250 games for Celtic and Southampton between 22-27
Mignolet by 27 - played about 200 games for Sunderland and Liverpool between 22-27
Begovic by 27 - played about 200 games for Pompey and Stoke in the PL between 21-27
Szczesny by 26 - Same age as Robles and he has played 250 games for arsenal and Roma
David Ospina by 27 - played over 200 games for Nice and arsenal
Vorm by 27 - played over 150 games in the Eredivisie by that age
Karius by 23 - Has played about 25 games more at the top level so far than Robles and is 3 years younger than him

Can look more around Europe and see people like timo horn who is 23 and played over 150 games for the Koln first team. Leno who is 25 and played almost 300 games for the Leverkusen first team.

I guess my point is if Martinez had thought Joel had it in him to become top class he wouldn't have stuck with Howard until right at the end. And if koeman thought he had it in him to be good enough he wouldn't have used Stekelenburg until he got injured. And that I just don't see Joel suddenly jumping to the levels needed to be the keeper we need moving forward given where we want to go are even are at now.