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Author Topic: Banning The Sun from Goodison  (Read 10082 times)

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April 15, 2017, 02:04:47 AM
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I think the club could release something along the lines of "we are aware of our neighbours recently banning one of the national newspapers. Having given some thought to the matter, we have decided that as the newspaper in question is so insignificant in our home city anyway, we are not even going to give them the satisfaction of being banned from our club too. We believe in equality and even buffoons need a comic to read. The target audience of the national in question barely have the brains that they were born with anyway, so would likely struggle with words of a.single syllable. This is Everton Football Club and we couldn't give a flying fuck about this particular shitty rag and the clowns who write the drivel in it!"
A full statement there and didn't mention The S*n once! That's the way to piss the cunts off.