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September 04, 2017, 03:18:02 PM
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Can someone break down for me why Barkley is now unanimously deemed a cunt on here?

The club wants him out, tried to force a move to a club he doesn't want to go to, and he turned it down.

OK that's just my interpretation of events but is it any less likely than anyone else's?

The club wants him out? Is that why they offered him a lucrative deal on loads more than hes currently on? I wish my place of work wanted me out that bad.......

September 04, 2017, 03:22:26 PM
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If this is true then I dont blame him, but this should've been an indication that sometimes the grass isnt always greener....

Ross Barkley snubbed a switch to Chelsea after Antonio Conte turned his phone off on deadline day and failed to speak to the Everton midfielder.

That is the remarkable claim from Joey Barton, who is co-hosting Monday's Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.

Barkley had seemed all set to join the Premier League champions after they had a £35m bid accepted by Everton on Thursday and he reportedly travelled to London for talks.

But he opted against the move - leaving Chelsea stunned - and Barton has now revealed the reasoning behind the 23-year-old's decision.

He said: "I heard a really interesting thing about what happened with the Ross Barkley transfer. Conte turned his phone off and Barkley's representatives were trying to contact him.

"He wanted to say 'look, where am I going to play', and Conte turned his phone off. That is why Barley got cold feet and never signed.

"He thought, 'well, if the manager isn't answering the phone to me he clearly doesn’t want me', and that is why he went back to Everton."

September 04, 2017, 03:40:10 PM
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We don't know the terms. And with Ross I doubt it was about the money anyway. More about game time and development, and Koeman has replaced Ross three times over this summer. I think he got the hint.

Same reason he probably turned down Chelsea - he's not getting a game.

Look I'm not saying 'it's the clubs fault' or even trying to assign blame, but this automatic denunciation of Ross as the pantomime villain seems to ignore some uncomfortable truths and frankly be a bit immature, you should all know things are rarely that black and white.

It is Ross' fault the club only replaced him 3 times over the summer because he didnt commit. Koeman said that numerous times before they were signed yet he made his choice, our preference was for him to sign but we needed extra options too which everyone would agree with given we lost Lukaku.
Barkley is a baby that doesnt like being criticised and all of this is his doing.