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Author Topic: 2017-18 Today's football  (Read 331796 times)

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May 27, 2018, 03:52:38 AM
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I hate the cunts as much as most do but I do have to say I feel sympathy for Karius. I always hate when all the blame falls on one player in any event really. ( except for the time Gerard slipped, I still smile at that one)

I'm more of a cunt cause I say fuck him and his horrendous mistakes

He should be no where near that team going on previous howlers

Klopp has had a mare here

May 27, 2018, 03:59:10 AM
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Quick flick over to sky sports news


Beautiful there too

May 27, 2018, 04:02:17 AM
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How are things looking on BT, how's Lineker now?

May 27, 2018, 05:34:09 PM
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It would be nice for Karius to bounce back and become Real's number 1 keeper and then play an absolute blinder in the champions league final against the shite in a few years time. Just to prove to them he is a good keeper.

Can't be doing with the stress of having them in a final again

May 28, 2018, 04:51:34 PM
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Got the best touch in the game.

You have to laugh at the media pin pointing him as a weakness.

They went as far to say the game could be won on his side as he'll struggle to cope with Trent Alexander Arnold.

I think he coped just fine lads.

he did indeed, I was shitting it about him as I thought he was shite against Juve and Bayern

May 29, 2018, 02:38:16 AM
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Tosun has two tonight for turkey

beautiful alliteration lid

May 31, 2018, 05:41:43 PM
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Will be eternally grateful to him for making me love footie again, is right big Zinedine