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January 08, 2018, 04:29:36 AM
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FFS. Some of you people need a reality check. I was a bit ahem! about Sam coming here but certainly not anti. I think too many were getting the 'if he comes, we are a shit team because he only goes to shit clubs' thing.
Reality check: We were and are still shit. Give over with the hate and let the man do his job. He's working with the same players that Koeman bought and coached into a significant total fuck-up of a team, yet is getting results.

He's giving young players opportunities to show what they can do. Some aren't going to make it, no matter what others say. Allardyce sees these guys day in, day out at FF, he has experience far in advance of what probably almost everyone on this forum has. If there's anyone on here who thinks they can do better, why aren't you a Prem Manager?
 I despair at times about the ignorance and downright stupidity of some on here who are saying 'I don't like his football', or 'he's been here x weeks and we're still shit.' What the fuck do you expect? He inherited perhaps the worst Everton team I've had the misfortune to see, and I'm old enough to have seen many, trust me. As far as being shit is concerned, we will still be shit for some time yet, at least until we can improve the roster.

In the meantime, give the bloke a fair go. He's trying to make a silk purse out of a pig's arse and not doing too badly under the circumstances.
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