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Author Topic: Prediction League Match Day 1 - Everton v Stoke City - Sat 12th August 15:00 BST  (Read 9261 times)

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August 03, 2017, 12:30:25 AM
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The NSNO Prediction League is back for 2017/18. It will work pretty much the same as it did last year (and previous years) but for a few small changes. This is just for fun, anyone can take part, but there is also a sweepstake this year which is being organised by Lincs Toffee in this thread for those of you who would like to put their money where thier mouth is!

- One entry per user per match day
- All predictions must be submitted before kick-off to count
- If you wish to change your prediction before kick-off just post again in a separate post and I'll take the latest prediction (update 03/08/17 @ 14:00) - Please don't edit your orginal post, just post again
- Predictions need to be clear to count


- The result (Win, Draw, Lose)
- The score line
- The first goal scorer in the match (EITHER TEAM)

Win, 2-0, Rooney

- Correct result = 5 points
- Correct score line = 10 points
- Correct first goal scorer = 10 points
- Goals scored by scorer that are not the first goal = 2 points per goal (change to rules)
- Additional goals by first goal scorer = 2 points per goal (change to rules)
- Correctly predicting a 0-0 draw will give a bonus 5 points meaning a score of 20 if predicted (change to rules)

If the above prediction example was a 2-1 win with Rooney scoring the first and second goal the score breakdown would be:

- Result = 5 points
- Score line = 0 points
- First goal scorer = 10 points + 2 bonus points for 2nd goal
- TOTAL = 17 points

LEAGUE TABLE (update 03/08/17 @ 14:00)
- Players will be ranked by total points, if two or more players are on the same points then it will come down to 'highest points in a match week'. So if two players are on the same points and one player has been the top scorer of a given match week once and the other twice, the latter will be placed higher in the table. If these are the same them it is a tie for that place.

THE SWEEPSTAKE (update 07/08/17 @ 22:20)
- @Lincs Toffee is arranging a sweep for those of you that want to put money on it, 」5 in, it's not mandatory and you can just play for fun if you wish. If you would like more details or woud like to join the sweep, please use this topic:
- Any players in dark orange in the table with '」」」' in the sweepstake column are the users that are taking part in the sweepstake @Lincs Toffee has organised.

Just out of interest I知 going to enter Bet365 into the running to see how they get on. I will take favourite first goal scorer and the favourite result and score line at some time on the day of kick-off just to see how the bookies face off against the rest of us.

I will aim to update every week in time for the next match day, however due to work commitments and holidays booked (I知 away for 2 weeks in September, 2 weeks in November and 3 weeks in March) this will not always be possible, so may have you go the odd match day without updating the standings between match days, but I値l just do them at a later date. But I should always be able to post the topic in good time, if not, I知 sure someone will like @Lincs Toffee did last year.  :)

Stoke up first in just 10 days time - HAPPY PREDICTING!!! COYB!

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