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Author Topic: Everton V Hajduk Split  (Read 37001 times)

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August 15, 2017, 03:33:52 PM
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Besic Keane Jags Martina
Davies Gana Klaassen
Rooney DCL Sandro

For me we need a strong line-up and kill this at Home

Pickford/Kean - 1st Names on the team sheet for me
Jags edges Williams for fitness ATM..
Baines needs protecting, not convinced with Martina but has looked better at LB
Besic - Looked good in preseason and should be given the opportunity to nail down a spot in a problem area
Klaassen/Sandro- Need game time to settle
Rooney - hopefully pulled off at HT after doing the damage
Gana/Davies/DCL - Great Engines & exellent 2nd half displays
Basic nailed on for a rash challenge in the first few minutes then a liability down that side for the rest of the game or however long before he gets sent off.

August 15, 2017, 06:45:04 PM
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In the group stage after qualifying for the next round. Why would you play the second string in a knockout round unless you are 10-0 up? It's not the League Cup you know.