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August 21, 2017, 07:02:28 PM
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i agree ^^ 1000%

which is why i thought he was good enough to stay with us this season. true he would have got about half the games he will have at forest, but i wanted to see him develop with us, but evertonians being what they are, like to knock our own players for being not good enough/too young, when they haven;t even seen them play

Dowell would offer Everton something different this year, something we haven't got. something we need.. but we'll have to wait till next season.

He wouldn't get close to half the game time that he'll get at Forest.

It's a long season down there and part of the point of the loan will be seeing if he can keep doing this all through the season.

The weakness in his game is being involved all the time. In pre season his goals stood out but he can sometimes disappear. A normal problem for a young player and sometimes players of his style.

So it's much better to get him out somewhere to get used to having to do more, much more regularly.

And it is a level below. He is supposed to look better at that level.