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August 21, 2017, 04:39:33 PM
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I think if we go with a 3 then Koeman would deserve a bit of stick because we just don't suit the formation . Likewise if he plays Martina or Davies out of position when Holgate has looked the more comfortable of the 3 . City are also bedding in new players so although they admittedly have more quality they did struggle to break down Brighton and in the end it was 2 keeper howlers . Accepting a defeat as if it is a given is not on . Happy to scrape a draw but we have the players to disrupt their play and take all 3 points . People handing Koeman excuses before every game is as annoying as jumping on him after it .

August 22, 2017, 02:40:40 PM
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We couldn't string beeds together under Koeman . For me that is why there appeared to be a gulf in class . Playing against 10 men is difficult when you don't keep hold of the ball , sit back and fail to realise the legs of your outlet up front have gone . As a result its fine because like people say its City away . I would swallow that if it wasn't for the fact that we have played 1 good half of football against a poor Hajduk . We have got 4 points though and i would take 8 from our first 5 games so lets see .

August 22, 2017, 04:18:09 PM
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I don't think we had the formation to take advantage of the man advantage at the beginning of the second half.

Credit to Koeman for trying to change it up, but it was fairly easily countered by City's substitutions and formation change. With hindsight - and it would very much be nitpicking - maybe bringing on Lookman/Mirallas to stretch the game and get another goal might have been better. Koeman was clearly trying to make it easier for us to keep the ball though, so you can't fault his logic. He was just let down a little by a lack of composure at the back at times, so Klaassen and Sigurdsson were never really in it.

In general though, it felt - even in the first half - that we were much more comfortable than the same fixture last season. Other than the goal, the only real chance they had to score was Silva's in the first half. Given how easily they dragged Baines and Jagielka out of position (a masterclass in movement and dropping off from City really), that's a great testament to how well organised Koeman has the defence.

Disappointing result given we were a goal and a man up, but sometimes you've just got to hold your hand up to a great opposition team.

I don't disagree but to some extent our passing under Koeman is shite and it if wasn't for Ganas recovery of the ball I seriously think we would be fucked . We are easily pressed even by teams like Stoke because the pace of our game is poor ( hence the slow starts ) and that won't really be improved by the players we have bought . Doing well with a team set up for the counter who everyone thinks will fade by the seasons end in Southampton and getting Everton to the next level are worlds apart . Getting us to 7th is the minimum . Still next game on Thursday and City will after all rip better teams than us a new one .

August 22, 2017, 05:46:16 PM
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You've got a point to be fair. We still seem incapable of manipulating the ball for long periods, which has to be a huge flaw in our game if we can't do it over a year into Koeman's reign.
I do worry Koeman has become so obsessed in getting players in who have a record of good stats (goals and assists) that he kind of just hopes they'll all click together, without identifying a clear system and way of playing and bringing players in to suit.

However we've played 5 and haven't lost yet so let's have this discussion this time next week and see where we're at.

Like i said it was a result that plenty won't get . I am more concerned on a personal and not club note that we are boring as fuck to watch at the minute . I don't ever like not giving Managers time ( as you know from my defence off he whose name is unspeakable in these parts ) but I do like moaning about them . Credit for the results and the footing he and Moshiri are putting the club on but at the minute its like having an ugly wife with one great tit and expecting the rest to catch up .