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August 23, 2017, 01:22:09 AM
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bacon sarnie

Two positives for the future for me: Calvert Lewin is going to be a top player and Holgate has learned a lesson he won't forget. The negative (huge) is the result and attitude. I've forgiven games like that for 40 years cos we were what we were, but that wasn't what I expected from a team I hoped might challenge for the top places. Disappointed to say the least.

Yeah, felt the same way for about an hour til I got to the alehouse where everyone who watched it thought we did great and will be a tough team to beat from here on in. Was surprised as I thought we'd looked terrible in the second half and should never have conceded.
Goes to show difference between the pub neutral & the rabid fan sat watching the game with the dog.
Oh, and Besic is a nutcase & Aguero is a twat.