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Author Topic: The false dawn & the stark realisation  (Read 12813 times)

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August 31, 2017, 03:20:26 AM
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What did we need before the window?

Goalie - Got one, and nailed it in my opinion
2 centre backs- Got one
A winger - Not going to count Sandro as I see him as a wide forward for a formation we don't play
LB cover- Not happening
Striker - This should never have went to deadline day
Striker cover - Rooney? Not very good cover mind, he can't play this position anymore.

That really isn't a good window. We had needs and haven't addressed them

August 31, 2017, 03:43:42 AM
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I can't even be arsed going through this thread but I do think we need some perspective. We're not going to attract top drawer players and we're in a funny position because we're better than around 2/3rds of the league. Therefore the calibre of players are very small. This has lead to us possibly being reliant on what other clubs are doing.
We're not City where we can buy whoever we want and with ffp (even if this even exists in the aftermath of the Naymar transfer) it's been extremely difficult to recruit.
We need champions league players for a europa league team.
I think we need to realise that it's not like oh he's what we need let's get him in. Can't see us just hanging onto Girouds every word I think it's just been a very difficult process.
I'm disappointed and yeah starting to fume a little but we're in some kind of transfer limbo and I think our performances will change that for the better or worse. But it's a cyclical effect in that how do we improve if we can't get the better players.
Time will tell I suppose.

I think the bare minimum what we should have is players to play in every position. We have made ourselves so unbalanced and narrow