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December 15, 2017, 06:29:11 PM
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Sam Allardyce revealed Sandro Ramirez has found it difficult settling into life at Everton, but is hopeful the forward will find his feet at Goodison Park.

"Sandro hasn’t settled in that well, according to the staff," said Allardyce.

"We would hope he would make an impact down the line.

one canīt help but wonder if his football is bad because he hasnīt settled or if he hasnīt settled because his football is bad. we should give him every opportunity to help him either way. fellaini was dog shit for the firt 2 or 3 years at everton (maybe dog shit is a bit over the top haha) but he came good and became one of our best players. would love him back tbh.

December 16, 2017, 03:01:11 AM
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Didn't Felli get 10-12 goals in his first season?

just looked it up there. he got 8 league goals his 1st year. second year he got 2. 3rd year got 1. 4th year he got 3. he wasnīt brought in as a goal scorer so he shouldnīt be judged on his goals anyway.

just to clarify my point. he was brought in for astronomical money (in everton terms) and didnīt live up to that tag for years. i actually couldnīt believe we payed so much money for him because he really didnīt look a 16 million pound player until a few years after he signed. maybe most of you will disagree with that but i distinctly remember every evertonian i spoke to at the time being disappointed in him, mostly because they were disappointed due to there espectation of what they thought we were buying with what was an absolute fortune at the time. i was merely pointing out the comparison of the hype compared to the reality. i think we all got a bit carried away with hype with felli ( well me anyway) as we did with sandro.

to put in simply, some players do live up to the hype ...after they settle. we should give sandro every opportunity. he might just surprise us.