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September 26, 2017, 11:23:49 PM
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He made a few good crosses against Bournemouth. One for DCL was perfect.

His and Cuco's passmaps of that game:

(Green successful, red unsuccessful, yellow key passes)

I honestly can't understand why are we playing down the right all the time when we have Baines and Gylfi on the left. It's mad to think that our main attacking threat is ex-Southampton third-choice full back.

If you looked at those stats for the man u game he never put one cross in just one cut back,,one of the games i cant remember which we had 3 players on the edge of their area,, baines knocks it forward as if he's gonna cross it and turns and pass's it back which he has done so many times of late its fucking annoying knowing he's actually able to cross the ball