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Author Topic: Merson on our one-paced recruitment  (Read 2960 times)

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September 24, 2017, 03:24:06 PM
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I can see what he's saying, if you look at that starting line up yesterday, you've got maybe 3 players who are pacy, Holgate, Gana and Calvert-Lewin, but only one who will really use pace in an attacking sense

In the squad we've got Coleman, Bolasie, Kenny, Lookman, Vlasic, Mirallas, Lennon, Niasse and Sandro who have got a turn of pace, so I do think we have players who can inject pace into the side

The game isn't all about pace however. I think you can get round not having lots of it, possibly more important is how quickly you move the ball, and how good your off the ball movement is

We were laboured yesterday when moving the ball about. Seemed to be a lot of the time where Schneiderlin or Gana had it and they had to turn back on themselves and hold on to it or pass it back as no one was making themselves available

I would blame 5 players for that yesterday. The 2 full backs are the only wide players that we start with and they need to be constant outlets, and the 3 number 10s, who appear to be contributing very little at the moment, possibly because there are 2 too many of them in a congested area of the pitch

Dom Calvert-Lewin appeared to be the only one providing that attacking speed and movement, and we only took advantage of this when we got the quick thinking Davies on in midfield, and a partner for him up front, in Niasse

We can move on from here and pick up lots of points before any more additions, but the manager needs to work out what hasn't been working well for us this season so far and correct it, and not make the same mistakes again. Sometimes you can get away with a poor first half showing and wrong team selection by making the right subs. Other times the game will already be out of reach. Potentially 2 of the key substitutions yesterday were forced on him through injury, lets just hope that he realises that they would have been the correct ones regardless
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