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Author Topic: Everton vs Apollon Limassol  (Read 32326 times)

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September 29, 2017, 04:56:31 AM
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I am a fan of Koeman but he is starting to piss me off. He goes on that we are 'afraid' and have no 'aggression'! Well why don't you stop being 'afraid'! And get your selections correct- you cannot have Sig, Rooney and Klassen on the pitch at the same time and CL has to start Sun. Stop being arrogant and have some balls!

September 29, 2017, 05:17:02 AM
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How can you be a fan of Koeman?
Are you a 'fan'! Buzzing in your house tonight! I've been the game. Do you go the game?! Or have you just got back from Moscow!

September 29, 2017, 05:45:59 AM
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Season ticket holder unfortunately babe, nice try, now do you wanna answer me question?
So you where there tonight? And Yes I am a 'fan' of Koeman and if you read down I was basically saying that I'm pissed off with him as he keeps on saying that we are 'afraid' but I think he's 'afraid ' because his selections have been poor. I at the time thought it was our best option and can you complain regarding 1st Season results?We were a Team that were 11th and 12th in Martinez' last 2 Seasons and if you were to to compare ok, as he would say! the same as Martinez.
Unfortunately he has not had the balls to not drop Players he has bought- and it could be argued we did not need them all. We lost Lukaku and got a number of Players. It's not working at the mo- balance, width blah blah. I am a 'fan' because I try and be optimistic. It's what I try to be. We fucked up not getting a CF in and what Team started the 1st game with only 2 Players starting from 12 months ago. Yes I'm making excuses! But I cannot change it at the mo and hopefully the Manager will change it. What's the alternative- ok sack him! Do a Palace or a Swansea or what probably a West Ham will do! It's not the 'Everton' way. Expectations eh! Best Player from Sunderland, Burnley and Swansea..... we move on. I'm just keeping the faith!