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Author Topic: not an easy question to ask..  (Read 11011 times)

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September 26, 2017, 12:07:30 AM
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Deano Blue Boy

I'm sure an old poster on here Rich mentioned he had been assaulted before at an Everton game because he never had a scouse accent.

As been said before, don't let the knobheads win.  There is knobs everywhere in life.

September 26, 2017, 03:44:53 PM
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Deano Blue Boy

Mate he was told the club had sold out because he's from Oxford... Last week in tenerife

Honestly he text me, I told him to go punch the soft cunt.

Send him my wishes over Bally.

Can this not be reported to the club directly? And not just the fans forum?

I am also of Indian descent and Muslim and as most of you know, quite outspoken and sometimes quick to comment. I wouldn't shut up at abuse or even stares etc. I am planning a UK trip in the next little while. Is Goodison safe for me? Or should I rather see Everton play in an away game?

Seriously worried about this.

I am sad that you feel this way. Although I'm sure you will be fine.  You'll also be better going to a home than away, but if you had the choice, go to both.  The away games are class.