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Author Topic: [News]Klaassen: Adapting to English game has not been easy  (Read 1358 times)

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No point making any judgement calls on him or any of our new signings until we get a proper manager in charge with a concise plan that revolves around modern football methodology.
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Hard not to think he'll be back at Holland in a year.

Problem is he was Ajax captain and one of their star men, he earned 20k a week. Comes here and gets put on 80k a week it's hard to see any player willing to drop 2-3m a year wages. Kind of situation and could be same with Sandro if he doesnt come good, that City and chelsea got into loads where gave people huge wages compared to their level and have to loan them out for years because people wont pay it and they dont want to take a big drop. Or we pay some of their wages for xxx number of years.

I still believe you'd see more of what he can do and get more from him if you had a good forward that retains possession well and helps with good football around the box because that looks his game sharp passes in tight areas and judging by his record getting in the box to be a goalscoring midfielder. So many times in the Arsenal game last night you had people like Walcott and Wilshere getting involved on the edge of the area with Giroud that we just dont have. But at the same time my problem with him is my problem with Besic, he vanishes for huge spells of games which in centre midfield you cant have.

Gueye isnt great on the ball, Schneiderlin isnt doing the defensive part well and sharpness on the ball lost, and Davies is giving the ball away and getting caught in possession a lot more than he was. But they are always involved, always looking to get on the ball and people criticise if they do things wrong. Too often 10-15 minutes can pass and Klaassen doesnt do anything which just cant do in centre midfield.

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I thought he tried hard last night, once he gave it away a few times his head kind of dropped for a bit but then he was chasing players, getting back, trying to do the dirty side of the game... only thing is that he is at absolute rock bottom with his confidence and Koeman doesn't seem like the kind of manager who helps players out of a slump, he just doesn't have the man management skills... case in point being hauling Klaassen off at half time which will just cripple his confidence further.

While he was trying hard to get back in the game, I can't remember who is was but we had the ball on the right side of the box (just inside it)... probably Vlasic but might have been Holgate... anyway on the replay you see Klaassen take up an unmarked position 18 yards out, centre of the goal, hands outstretched screaming for it... Vlasic or Holgate completely unaware of him and has a shot that's blocked by the defender and goes out for a corner (pretty sure it was Holgate).  So even when he gets in a 'Klaassen' position the other players don't see him.  Holgate pulling it back there and him smashing it in could completely change his confidence levels.

I feel for him, I really do... All my dutch Ajax supporting relatives said he wasn't ready for the PL when we signed him but I really think the manager and our players aren't doing him any favours what so ever.