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Author Topic: They say you reap what you sow  (Read 320 times)

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WTF???  Kitbag?

We were losing money before the deal and turned several million profit after, not all outsourcing is bad.

They signed deals with Real, Barca and half a dozen UK teams after, so thought that one was shown to be a decent enough arrangement.


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Not at all, Moshiri is just as much to blame.  He is either backing these decisions, or if it is Kenwright and Elstone making these fuck ups, is culpable in not replacing them.

The whole club is just a giant shit sandwich at the moment
How does someone who owns less than 50% of a business and doesn’t control the board “replace” someone who owns a sizeable portion and is chairman?

Just one of the logical fallacies mentioned in this meltdown thread.