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Author Topic: Should we sack Steve Walsh?  (Read 98866 times)

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October 02, 2017, 05:50:22 AM
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The "poor guy" has blew a fortune on shit players, he's as responsible as Koeman is

Hardly anyone he's bought is shit. We've just got no thought out system for any of them to perform in. That's the managers fault.
We were all fucking made up when we signed Pickford, Keane, Klassen, Sandro, and Rooney and with good reason. All the right age (bar rooney) and all had great seasons last season (bar rooney). Rooney made sense for experience in Europe and for the younger players.
Signing Sigurdsson created more problems for the team than we could ever have known, and we doubled that up by not replacing Lukaku. Add the lack of a system to no pace or width and Ashley Williams being picked every fucking week and there you have it. A big fat list of fuck ups, that Koeman is totally to blame for.

"One for Lineker to chase and just look at his pace."

October 02, 2017, 06:20:16 AM
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Hardly anyone he's signed is shit is debatable. Schneiderlin, Keane, Bolasie & Klaassen have a really long way to go to justify their hefty price tags (110 ish million!), Walsh was here when all those players arrived so he was involved in those deals

We were all made up because Everton have never made an early splash in the market like we did this time. That's the reason everyone was made up not because of who we signed like you've made out

How did signing Sigurdsson "create more problems than we could've known"?

You're clearly blaming Koeman over Lukaku, they knew months before that he was leaving so between them that was a colossal fuck up

I don't rate Walsh (or Koeman)

Keane and Klassen have been here 5 minutes. Bolasie has had a major injury which might take another 6 months to get over and Scheiderlin does need to improve I agree, but we've certainly seen glimpses of his class especially at the tail end of last season. The fact that we've had inconsistent performances from him is because the manager is getting next to nothing out of him, like the majority of the team.
There's no way we were all made up just because we signed a lot of players early either. A fair few bigger clubs than everton were after the likes of Keane, Pickford and Sandro, so we knew were going for quality players with potential for plenty more years. Remember the agonising wait for us to sign Sandro on here? Over 100 + pages.... and all because he looked absolute class in Spain.
Chasing Sigurdsson for the best part of 2 months was ridiculous because after signing Klassen and Rooney, Koemans priority shouldve been making sure we had a presence up top to help the team and more notably Sandro and DCL through the season. Sigurdsson has now become a bit of a target due to his value and average performances. Koeman should've pulled the plug on the deal and realised we weren't desperate for another no.10. He doesn't answer to Walsh.... it's the other way around. Which is why the buck stops with him for no Lukaku replacement too and the general lack of quality performances, results and team spirit throughout this team.
"One for Lineker to chase and just look at his pace."