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Author Topic: [News]Rumours that Koeman will quit Everton  (Read 7162 times)

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October 06, 2017, 08:13:30 PM
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...yeah those 28 year anniversary things are the most important arenít they.


You hate him don't you.

Would you have Bobby Brownshoes back as his replacement?
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October 06, 2017, 08:56:06 PM
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No way. He had his chance and weíve moved on. Would have been interesting seeing what he could have done with the budget Koeman has been afford given he trusted young players and liked attacking football but heís in our past now.

Never liked Koeman from before he turned up though and his record never justified the protracted pursuit let alone the wages we had to throw at him to convince him. It seemed clear to me from the beginning he was the wrong man for where we where and where we wanted to get to long term. His career is littered with these runs, poor cup performances and fallouts with players and itís just history repeating itself.

As I end said before it just all feels like a massive wasted opportunity and when he goes I think heíll be leaving us in a weaker state than when he came.

Can argue with most of that.

I think overall the squad is stronger but there's a gaping chasm left by Lukaku that's yet to be filled. We can't pin that one on Kooey though.
Farming Karma like the Dalai Llama