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Author Topic: Age Profile of the Everton Squad  (Read 3891 times)

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October 16, 2017, 02:02:36 PM
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You do realise we will replace the ones we let go donít you. Youíre talking as if weíll lose about a dozen and weíll suddenly lose our strength in depth.

We are badly lacking in width but have two wide players in Lennon and Mirallas who we don't use who are earning over £100k/week between them. We could let them go and bring in one player who is of sufficient quality to be of better use to the first team.

We have two defensive midfielders in McCarthy and Besic who are neither use nor ornament as one is never fit and the other isnít good enough. Again there is over £20m in those two to put towards a better quality of midfielder.

Barkley doesnít want to be here so we move him on and recoup what we can and put the money towards a striker.

To say nothing of the ageing defenders.

The point is there is a fair bit of player trading still to be done to remodel the squad to make it fit for purpose. We might let 8-9 go and bring in 4-5 of better quality before we get a better balance to the squad.