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Author Topic: [News]Are Everton set to bounce back against Brighton?  (Read 3415 times)

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October 15, 2017, 05:32:39 PM
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If the cunt won us the league I would still remember the shite has put us through when only he is to blame with shite selection and square peg round hole egotist twwwwat he is .

We've played like 8 games or something!   Give it a rest

October 15, 2017, 06:32:34 PM
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Your opinion my opinion ....with last seasons shite results too ....the lump it to lukaku tactic of last year doesn't work ...he has no other strings to his bow ..  if you see any different please enlighten me ffs....everyone else can see the glaring no' tens issue and square pegs round holes...not to mention the ego of the man  (only players hes bought)... I will never give it a rest I want better for our club .
If your happy with shit good luck Tranmere need fans .
Sldont like it don't reply to my posts simple

Last season was a success by any measure. Perhaps you've forgotten what a state we were in before he came?

For that reason and our very tough start, I'm prepared to give him more than 8 league games but that's just me.

To complain about the style and put attacking play, I don't deny that. But we have a lot of new players and I agree with Koeman that the squad hasn't had enough time to gel together.

This '3 tens' stuff is also rubbish. Klaasen hasn't played that much, and most people don't consider him a 10 anyway. There's a better argument to say we are trying to shoe horn '2 tens', but actually Sigurdsson has played more often on the left but don't let that spoil a myth.

Then there's the 'pace and width' argument. I generally agree with that but if you read most of this forum, people post ideal formations like it's a game show. How many people on here actually consider the opposition's strengths and weaknesses?  For example, many people wanted to see flying pacy wingers when we were playing Burnley at home when we knew they were going to sit back and defend.

All opinions though as you rightly say.
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