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October 11, 2017, 02:25:02 AM
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He's been good for Wales since he started, not just in the Euros. And @penguinofdoom1878 might be able to correct me but I don't know a single Swansea fan who was happy to see him leave. So you can slag him off for us all you like, but I know your actual knowledge of him over a long period of time is limited to a few appearances on Sky

Nope they were gutted he left, even more so when the money they received for him wasn't reinvested in the experienced defender they were losing. However they wouldn't have him back now especially as Alfie Mawson is looking a very good defender for his young age and low fee, friend of mine was only saying today how Mawson is probably the only real sell able asset they have in the side.

I think we should have signed him 5/6 years ago though, he's not been brilliant but certainly not the disaster he's made out to be. Does look like he's aged 5 years during the off season.