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Author Topic: Koeman linked with Everton exit  (Read 7750 times)

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October 13, 2017, 08:53:08 PM
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He totally dismissed the Holland job at today's press conference. Not even in the future.

Totally committed to Everton.

As I said previously I could never understand what the appeal would be for him, he'd have massive expectations placed on him with a squad that is void of any talent. They're even further back than England which is saying something.

Im glad hes committed to us and determined to push forward

October 16, 2017, 01:28:44 AM
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I've given it a chance, he isn't learning. He's a buffoon and has had his chance at a so called ambitious club and failed massively. Time to move on and get a proper manager.
An ambitious club? Ambition isn't selling your best asset and replacing him with a 6.5 million unproven Spanish kid and hoping it'll be okay. If anything Koeman should be fuming about being spun a line or two by the incompetent people above him. Ambition isn't talking the talk to Jim white and skysports it's actually putting the players on the pitch
I've said it all along that Koeman has to to take some of the blame, but you can only play the hand your dealt

October 16, 2017, 02:01:32 PM
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“Play the hand dealt him”?

You do know he’s spent nearly £240m in the last 18 months don’t you?

But its all relative isnt it as hes also had to contend with selling his best player, plus as he has reiterated on numerous occasions Walsh is in charge of transfers. I know it frustrates people talking about net spend but it isnt anything more than what we did under Kenwright and certainly isnt substantial in premier league terms.
Its also no big shock that goals win games, you only need to look at the transformation in Man U this year with Lukaku. With the exception of Saturday they've been hitting teams hard cause they have a goal threat, being honest were probably where we deserve to be based on the goal threats in our team I just dont think some people want to accept that and would rather blame Koeman for having such a s**t strike force.

October 16, 2017, 05:25:39 PM
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It's absolutely criminal that we're having to play DCL or Rooney, honestly unforgivable that such an important season starts with hole at the top of the side like that.

This is why i think all the criticism of Koeman is a bit over the top, he has to take some responsibility but it was almost suicide what the board did to him. Sacking Koeman wont change results as the players arent there to score goals, im afraid to say it, but my view is were going to have to buckle our seat belts cause weve got a bumpy few months until January comes, although even then I dont see any decent striker wanting to come?

October 16, 2017, 05:48:00 PM
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Yeh but come on, have we really got the fifth worst squad in the league? Are we really not able to fashion a functioning side out of £240m worth of signings over 18 months? We've got probably the most promising bunch of youngsters in the country to go along with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of internationals and we still can't beat a bunch of Cypriot journeymen, Burnley or Brighton?

I get what you're saying about the striker situation, it was negligent in the extreme, but let's not use that as an excuse for all the failings we've seen since August.

I agree that he has to take some of the blame, but you could argue that its strikers that win you games and were probably not far off having the 5th worst strike force in the league?
There is an element of irony in this forum too, if you look at the topics lately we've discussed strikers, Williams and Baines as not being enough (or arguments the other way), but these were the exact areas Koeman stated when he said:

Asked if he was confident of getting in his outstanding targets, he replied: “I'm always confident because we did some good business.

“Everyone knows, the board knows the importance of those two signings.”

We can go round in circles all day about whose to blame but my personal view is this is failure is much bigger than Koeman and hes being made a scapegoat for the boards failure. Without having a crystal ball I would hazard a guess if we had any of these strikers (that we could have got) Hernandez, Abraham, Rodriguez, Defoe, Llorente, Jese, Ihanacho we'd be in a much healthier position than we are

October 16, 2017, 06:05:25 PM
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I don't disagree but you work with what you've got. Something clearly isn't right though in the setup at the minute. Players half arsed, no urgency, a formation that's anyone's best guess, everyone to a man playing below their usual standard. These are things that can only be solved on the training pitch and in the dressing room, which is Koeman's domain. Maybe his staff aren't working either, maybe it's a disconnect between management and the players. We don't know, but we do know something has to change.

I expect the levels of frustration at Finch Farm is through the roof with players and managers. I bet a lot of the signings would have come here with the promise that were on the up and they will feel royally shat on, literally from above, its not going to make for a constructive positive environment, but you're right it is Koemans domain. However, when your training all week knowing the fact that you're toothless upfront plus any mistake at the back will mean you wont win a game as theres no chance we'll score 2 goals I bet its pretty demoralising all round

October 16, 2017, 06:19:34 PM
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It probably is, which is why we need a change. What you're saying is it's a shite situation but Koeman isn't solely to blame so on that basis we should soldier on our downward descent and change nothing.

It really doesn't matter who is or who isn't to blame, the current situation isn't working. So as binning Walsh won't change anything on the pitch and hauling a few of the scouts over the coals won't materially change our results either then the buck stops with Koeman. The highly paid man tasked with results in a results based business.

Disagree, its been years of ineptitude at Everton and until we change the mentality of the club from the top it wont change. Walsh, if he is responsible for transfers, should have been sacked straight after transfer deadline day for what happened. People need to be held to account, there have been years and years of it from Kenwright and Elstone yet the same issue persist and the same personnel. I thought Moshiri as a business man would bring up those levels, and he has to some extent but even he leaves me questioning who does what especially his allegations that he stopped the Sisokko transfer as he wanted McCarthy to play? Dismissing the manager might have an impact but it wont help in the long run.

October 16, 2017, 06:30:21 PM
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I did think this way until a few weeks ago, but he's not shown anything at all in terms of digging in and gettings results, or even sticking to a philosophy which is give him points for.

Looks like a mess on and off the pitch atm, and striker or tough fixtures or not he has to be held responsible.

Ill admit I do want Koeman to turn it around so its probably influencing my thought process, that said if we could get Ancelotti in id help pack Koemans bag, but the more realistic option of Matterazi leaves me questioning what he could do, or any of the other realistic targets?

October 16, 2017, 08:07:31 PM
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He won't leave Shakhtar before the season ends though.

And that's the issue. I doubt it's possible to get something better than Koeman at this stage.
Anchelotti and even Silva shouts are bollox. And that leaves us with Unsworth (very risky option to put it mildly) or uninspiring average managers like Mazzarri.

I dont know much about him so not saying I want him or not, but I read from this interview he'd be here at the drop of a hat if offered....

Shakhtar Donetsk manager Paulo Fonseca has welcomed reports suggesting Everton have lined him up as a replacement for Ronald Koeman.

The Toffees have endured a disappointing start to the season and lie in 16th place, having taken just eight points from their opening eight games.

The Daily Telegraph’s sources in Portugal claim Fonseca was among the candidates to replace Roberto Martinez at Goodison Park in 2016 before the club opted for Koeman.

And now it’s claimed the Toffees are considering Fonseca once again as reports persist that Everton are losing patience with the Dutchman.

Discussing talk he could move to the Premier League, Fonseca told the Daily Telegraph: “All coaches want to go to England and I am one. I have this dream and I believe this can happen.

“If it’s soon or not, I have this dream.”

October 16, 2017, 08:42:21 PM
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how many of the top 6 we'd like to be part of would still have him as manager? most would have sacked him already apart from arsenal and tottenham, abramovic would have sacked him weeks ago

Its not even remotely comparable in so many ways. Although based on the answer you've given in your post id say 2/3 would have sacked him.