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Author Topic: Everton linked with 30 million Carvalho bid.  (Read 2711 times)

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October 15, 2017, 06:12:07 AM
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Yeah I do think we've got a long list of players, but the system we're playing at the moment one of our biggest problems is that we're lacking a real passer in CM/DM.

Morgans drop in form is hurting us, and we've got no Barry to make it up, plus Ross is a really good passer from the middle regardless of what people think.

My priority list would be ;

1. Genuine striker - giroud?
2. Pacey attacker - Zaha, Promes?
3. Left-sided Def - Lemos?
4. Passing Midfielder - Cavalho, Paredes, Torreira?
5. Proper full back cover - Tierney, Cresswell

Moshiri must be well pissed off.
He spends a shit load of money and the shopping list is as long now as ever it was.
The team is playing as bad now as they were when he took over.
Makes you wonder why Koeman and Walsh are still in a job, ah yes that would cost even more money.
Iím fully sticking my neck out. I think Silva will be our best manager since Kendall.