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October 22, 2017, 06:12:14 PM
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He does have a decent eye for an up and coming player. If not be adverse to him heading up the scouting network as we’re still looking at that type of player.

October 23, 2017, 09:18:24 PM
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Ancelotti no way he would want it even if we offered him 10-15m a year in my opinion. He manages top teams with top players, why would he walk into a club in crisis in a relegation zone with level of players he wont have managed in decades?

Tuchel, outside possibility. We could throw huge money at him but it would be a massive risk for him. He spent time building up his reputation at Mainz and got the dortmund job, did ok there without being spectacular. But he is very highly rated and wanted coach, many believe he didnt do more at Dortmund because of Bayern's superiority. He is linked with Chelsea in the summer so if there is a chance he gets that job it's likely hed rather wait and see what happens rather than if he did badly with us it could stop him from getting future big jobs and he'd have to start again.

Silva i just dont see him coming right now, maybe in the summer. He is 9 league games into his new job with Watford and it is going really well. It's going to be very hard to keep that going but the way we are going there is a chance for them to finish 7th given there is no obviously good other team outside the top 6 right now. That could get them into Europe potentially and his reputation was good before Hull, strengthened even though they went down and is now rising very highly with what he is doing at Watford. Again if he left now and struggled to get us going his reputation will falter and have to re-build. Plus it wouldnt look great him leaving a quarter of a season into his new job.

Yep. All this. I don't think Ancelotti would come here but I don't think he'd be the right fit given our situation.

Tuchel and Silva I could definitely get behind, but again for the reasons stated would be unlikely. Tuchel of the two crazily would probably be the most likely if we were willing to throw cash around as he is out of a job and may see it on balance as positive risk/reward as we're so unorganized he might feel he can swoop in and enhance his reputation on a short term contract. Clutching at straws maybe there.

Silva...can't see him quitting. It's not like we're Man Utd or Real Madrid and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that people would understand and it'd not seem like a mark against his professionalism. For the cash on offer if we did turn our fortunes somewhat around he would you'd imagine be attainable in the summer.