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November 20, 2017, 02:54:47 PM
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Unsworth played absolutely the correct team against Palace, probably barring Lookman. He provided a good solid midfield to protect a defence that has now conceded the joint most goals in the PL.

Lennon also had to play to protect Kenny (who actually did very well) against Zaha's pace.

All in all, I was pleased with the resolve the squad showed, and we had chances to win the game in the second half (DCL's sticks out).

Anyone who says Rooney should have played clearly hasn't watched this season's football closely enough. He has been absolutely useless apart from a couple of goals from 25 yards. He gives the ball away more than any other player, no pace, barely any creativity, and not as much energy as Siggy. He just isn't that good anymore and needs to be shipped onto China/MLS/AN Other in the summer.

ADDITION - Also, 2-2 against a side away from home with a passionate crowd, who has a new manager and some good players is really not a bad result at all, especially playing the way we are. Unbeaten now in 2 whole games! Don't forget the impact that this has on confident building in the squad.
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November 24, 2017, 05:57:08 PM
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Whole saga shows how idiotic getting rid of Koeman was.

I never thought he was the right man for the job, but you only get rid of someone if you have a plan in place to bring in someone you think will perform better.

What has followed after his sacking shows that the problems run deeper than the manager. It's lazy and too easy to say "oh Koeman was shit" or now "oh Unsworth is sit".

Whilst in my opinion Koeman wasn't the long term solution, in the absence of a good replacement we'd have done better to keep him for now, trust that he almost certainly would've over time brought some degree of stability in this season, before then reevaluating and maybe recruiting a new manager from a position of greater strength, rather than the freefall shitshow we are now.

I completely agree. Although i was happy when he was sacked, I expected a replacement to come in almost straight away, otherwise what was the point in sacking him so soon? At least there would have been structure.

Unsworth has done ok with what he has inherited. But we need a proper manager to come in now and put a strategy in place.