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October 30, 2017, 01:49:57 PM
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No point going anywhere to lose. We need wins, and a W breads confidence.
Id take this as an opportunity to try other combos, and if they dont work; so be it-it wont have effected out league position.
Personally think we need to give Sandro a run out. He was a natural goalscorer and finisher last year. Play Sig behind him, in his central 10 role. Have Lookman on 1 wing and Vlasic the other. With instruction to keep wide and get to the by-line as  often as possible.
Id play Robles in goal incase Pickford gets injured.
Defence...i dont have a clue im afraid!
Kenny Holgate Jags Baines (nobody else)
MF Beni Morgan S

.    Robles
Kenny Holgate Jags Baines
           Beni Morgan
Lookman     Sig     Vlasic
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Im not the best, but im in the top 1!