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October 31, 2017, 01:26:15 PM
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What a terrible way to start the day. Even Burnley fans were booing last night as it was so boring and theyíve got twice as many points as us!

October 31, 2017, 01:51:52 PM
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Not sure that's entirely true

TBH I didnt watch it all, but I thought they said there was booing at half time when the players were walking off? Either way I dont think its an inspiring appointment if true, especially If Kenwright and Moshiri come out and say 'he was our number 1 target'

October 31, 2017, 02:57:40 PM
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Im probably doing Dyche a disservice but I think you could easily argue that Everton are in, or near about the top 20 teams in Europe, we've got so much to offer, history, new stadium, 'ambitious owner', playing in the biggest league in the world, loyal fan base yet it looks like were going for a manager is less than inspiring and in my opinion is nowhere near good enough.
Things have progressed so much I just dont see how Dyche style will be transferable to a team wanting to progress, its almost like Kenwright and Moshiri jumped in their own hot tub time machine and went back to the 90s with this.

October 31, 2017, 03:25:33 PM
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A big name gamble at this stage of the season with someone who has no experience of the premier league never mind a relegation scrap (if you believe we are, which I do) is a massive risk. I would much rather a pragmatic manager, would just love us to look like we know what we are doing, is that to much to ask?

Dyche has got experience of a relegation scrap I suppose, but is that a good thing considering he got relegated?

October 31, 2017, 03:39:57 PM
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Iíll take Dyche over Allardyce all day.
For the people who donít want him who would you want as the next manager?

Any of these:
Are they achievable, who knows, but Newcastle appointed an ex Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Valencia, Champions League winning manager so I dont see why not?


October 31, 2017, 03:51:44 PM
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Plenty on that list I know nowt about. Enrique is a poor manager though. I think there's a real danger of signing "a winner" who won just cos they were dealt a great hand rather than being any good. Dyche has done an unbelievable job at Burnley. He's a winner so far. Unless people are suggesting he should have won the league

Its a valid point about the hand they're given, but Martinez did remarkably well with Wigan and didnt succeed. I think any appointment will be a risk regardless of who it is, id just rather we take a risk where the reward, imo, would be greater than what Dyche is able to deliver? Who knows though, Dyche might be tactically very astute and given better resources deliver much higher quality. I just dont really want to sit through hours and hours of 30%, 1 nill football which he seems to deliver, but again this goes back to the 'hand your dealt' comment, so who knows what hed do?

October 31, 2017, 05:30:48 PM
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Agree to a certain extent. Martinez had a way of playing at a lower league club and won a cup but got them relegated and Dyche has a way of playing with a similar sized club and got them relegated but promoted again. In the end it comes down to resources, both clubs were always going to have a ceiling due to size and budgets and both men have a relegation on their CV.

He'll play a narrow back four to eliminate gaps and put a bank of four ahead to squeeze the play. Keane will look a player again, the rest of the old men at the back will have comfort that their mate is only 10 yards away and we'll become more difficult to score against. Doesn't excite me but then again Everton Football Club haven't excited me for years now, I feel a bit detached writing this as I'm getting to stage where I can't actually get myself bothered about who the next manager is or if we win at weekend.

I feel your pain, thats why I was hoping for an appointment that would excite and get my pulse racing again, if this happens its just meh, at best. We missed a huge opportunity in the summer and this will compound that failure. I dont think we are a bottom half side if we get a striker, we need to look beyond this predicament as when we get a striker in January we will shoot up the table, we shouldn't base our managerial appointment on where we are now just cause he'll do a job at stabilising us

October 31, 2017, 10:09:43 PM
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I don't want allardyce, don't really want Dyche either.

I agree with the sentiments though if we are gonna think about getting Dyche we may as well just get Allardyce in short term, exactly the same sort of manager.

Get the ship steadied and then get a more progressive manager in at the end of the season.

Dyche will want a long term deal and in all honesty it will get to a point where he will take us to where he can and then be stuck with him, that is my worry, Moyes MK2.

I'd love a Tuchel or an Anchelotti style manager in but they aren't gonna sort out our defensive issues or our solidity in any way at all.

It's a double edged sword, we do, unfortunately need a ship steadier for now as sad as it is to say that, but I don't want a permanent negative manager at the helm.

But hey, I am absolutely fucking powerless to whatever the club decide to do so will back whatever decision they make. 

I think were going OTT about how bad our squad is. Remove the failure to secure a striker and we have enhanced our squad dramatically from the one that finished 7th last year, when we get a striker the entire picture changes in my opinion. I think Tuchel or Ancelotti wouldnt have an issue coming in in January, buying a striker then we'd fly up the table, dont think about a short term appointment based on our current predicament as regardless of who we get it, its going to be a struggle until Jan.

November 01, 2017, 01:12:02 AM
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How come our starting 11s are full of kids that aren't ready and over the hill veterans then? Of these "good' players we have such as Sandro and Klassen they obviously have talent but there is absolutely zero evidence to assume they've got anything to offer us this season.

And as for the striker situation - we might be able to turn a player's head with wages but who's to say we can attract anyone of sufficient quality? Sufficient quality to come in a start banging the goals in.
I find out hard that anyone can argue Pickford, Keane, Vlasic, Sigurdsson and Rooney make our squad much stronger? And is our starting 11 really full of kids? For the best part of the season its only been DCL and maybe Holgate that have started regularly, the rest have come in during the previous 2 games. Yes, we do have ageing players but I strongly believe its our inability to score that is the route to most of our problems and once resolved well be much better. We have no chance of replacing lukaku like for like, but we will get someone that is much more competent than we currently do.

November 01, 2017, 01:31:29 AM
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Id have benitez before rogers any day of the week. Both in terms of manageria ability and personality wise. Rodgers is a weapon
I don't think I could take Benitez, he'd be the kind that would do really well then walk back over the park at the drop of a hat if they came calling without thinking twice