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October 31, 2017, 01:55:17 PM
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Not sure that's entirely true

Of course it's not. I live in Burnley and they love him.

October 31, 2017, 03:43:17 PM
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Any of these:
Are they achievable, who knows, but Newcastle appointed an ex Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Valencia, Champions League winning manager so I dont see why not?


Plenty on that list I know nowt about. Enrique is a poor manager though. I think there's a real danger of signing "a winner" who won just cos they were dealt a great hand rather than being any good. Dyche has done an unbelievable job at Burnley. He's a winner so far. Unless people are suggesting he should have won the league

October 31, 2017, 03:55:23 PM
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Its a valid point about the hand they're given, but Martinez did remarkably well with Wigan and didnt succeed. I think any appointment will be a risk regardless of who it is, id just rather we take a risk where the reward, imo, would be greater than what Dyche is able to deliver? Who knows though, Dyche might be tactically very astute and given better resources deliver much higher quality. I just dont really want to sit through hours and hours of 30%, 1 nill football which he seems to deliver, but again this goes back to the 'hand your dealt' comment, so who knows what hed do?

I do wonder what sort of football mourinho would play at Burnley and what dyche would play at Utd. Are they really that different in style?

October 31, 2017, 04:27:42 PM
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Also I fundamentally disagree with two points.

He's not done an amazing job. He's done a fairly good job in keeping a team with a reasonable chance of staying up in the league.

Secondly, manager's don't adapt. It's a myth. They have methods and an approach to the game which they stick with and those methods condition how far their teams go and how far up the food chain that manager will succeed. I could list a thousand examples. He's not gonna come here and start playing more expansive football. We'd set up like Burnley. That's better than what we have now so nothing wrong with that but it's not a recipe for achieving anything of note now or ever.

The team that had a reasonable chance of staying up is the team that he got promoted when they weren't fancied either. He's built a mid table championship side into a side that look like they will stay up 2 seasons running (comfortably this time) on a budget a fraction of his championship rivals and now on a budget a fraction of his premier league rivals. You've obviously got high standards. What would have been a great job from where he started 5 years ago? They are 7th now. 1st? Champions of Europe. Win a World Cup?

October 31, 2017, 04:29:14 PM
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Also who cares about expansive football. We are currently shite. Don't we just want to win some football matches.

October 31, 2017, 10:03:26 PM
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Are we saying it's impossible to break the top 6 with what we consider negative football. Someone needs to tell mourinho or Diego Simeone.
I've no real clue if dyche is the right man or not. Think none of us have real confidence that anyone on the list would certainly be great here. I'm not having his style of football creates a ceiling for results though. That just seems like nonsense. Think we as fans are way too snobby. We talk as if we demand to be entertained by free flowing football while the reality is we've spent most of the last 30 years without it and not winning too much either. I just want to win some football games. Rather a pragmatic dyche for that than a lunatic like Martinez.

November 01, 2017, 02:20:51 AM
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People on here have gone into panic and crisis modes way, way too early. One win and decent performance against Watford and the entire outlook would change. Calm down and stop being so emotional.

I totally agree. The problem is we haven't actually put in a decent win deserving performance this season in the league.

Think people lost a little with unsworths team selection. We need sandro and vlasic contributing. I'm genuinely baffled that lookman didn't get off the bench. I know it's early but people are now worried that unsworth is gonna play the players he knows and them players aren't good enough. If we persist with DCL until Jan we'll be in the bottom 3 still. He simply isn't a top flight player, not in any aspect. If we don't find a way to create chances and if we don't find ourselves a goalscorer now then we are going to be down the bottom for longer and longer