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October 31, 2017, 09:13:00 PM
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I'm not sure which thread is most depressing on the forum right now.

This is a strong contender though.

November 01, 2017, 12:40:35 AM
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More shite from sky ....They have already said there is no hurry and not gonna rush it ...
Ffs we gave two shit managers years between them ....we can give Unsy till crimbo at least .

Nah, we can't let this problem fester until Christmas. We simply don't have that luxury. We have major issues all over the place and to hand that over to an untested manager is almost as bad as going into a PL season having to rely on a 20 year old to take over for a player who scored and was involved with 90% of our goals last year.

Would be negligence for a club our size, and frankly as I said earlier we should've spoken to people before we sacked Koeman rather than sounding out the likes of Allardyce and co now.

November 01, 2017, 01:24:12 AM
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So how long do you give him ??....he's had two games and a handful of training sessions ...were not fucking palace gonna replace him after four matches.

Get a win under the teams belt and most of the rediculous Allerdyce shouts will fuck off .

Well he's a caretaker manager so it's not really the same thing if he only has a couple of games in charge. Nobody bats an eyelid if an interim manager is even gone after 1 game.

Personally, if we'd had any sort of imagination behind the scenes I'd have had a target in mind, spoken to their agent weeks ago and had them in by now or very, very latest coming in at the start of the international break. So I guess I don't think he should've even had this long.

I just don't think we can behave in a lackadaisical manner given the problems we need to sort out. Say Koeman had somehow been given the Barca job, none of this past summer happened in terms of ins and outs and we had the exact same players as last year, I'd be far more willing to allow a search with Unsworth in charge. That team wasn't perfect of course but it had ways of winning games and could've done so whoever was there to an extent so he could've had a chance to find his feet. Right now, given the range of issues we're facing giving this to an inexperienced manager is just an unnecessary risk. Even with an experienced manager it's a concerning situation right now, that might not be fixed until we can bring in new players (and possibly need them to settle in).

Recruitment has been a concern too and at the forefront of the selection process. Poor transfer policy got us into this mess and whoever comes in will be absolutely pivotal in turning our situation around both short and longer term. I'd be far more confident in a Tuchel or Ancelotti (not that I think the latter is a fit) along with a big wad of cash getting the sort of calibre players we need into the club than I do an Unsworth or Dyche.
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