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November 01, 2017, 03:16:21 AM
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We’ve been awful and can’t defend or score - that’s fact and that’s why we’re worried.

Saying we’ll get better is pure conjecture and there’s so evidence of it. Pure arrogance.

You could say the same in 2005/6 when we lost 7 out of the first 8, went out of 2 European competitions and the league cup at the first rounds in all 3. We were bottom of the league well into October, around the bottom 3 going into the new year and came 11th.

It's very difficult to see where any points or form will come from when you havent had any so far. Plus it feels worse because while it is only 9 league games its 17 games in all competitions. The reality is we are 8 points off 7th which is Burnley and while it is guess work all round, I'd be willing to bet money they will slide as the season goes on, we rise and they arent near us from points perspective as the season ends.

Our squad has gaps clearly, where the goals are coming from is a hard question to answer. But even with this squad there is no way we will continue with only Rooney and Niasse as PL goalscorers. People like Sigurdssson, Mirallas if he plays, the centre midfielders, defenders from set pieces even will start chipping in with some goals. We wont score a lot or freely right now but defensively we can tighten up. Players are in rock bottom form, get some results see their confidence rise and if we start keeping some clean sheets we can start picking up results to get us up the league.

We arent likely to be anywhere near the top 6 but even with the problems we need to address in January, and the manager, can still aim for 7th because there are so many points to play for and there are so many poor teams in the league. Guesswork and who knows for sure what will happen, but it's 29 league games left there is no need for people to go into full panic mode like a lot seem to have done there is so much time and so many games to turn the form around, get some momentum and to get enough points.

November 01, 2017, 02:55:08 PM
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Think you're in denial. We've been the worst side in the entire league. We don't "just need" anything. If we don't change something quickly this could spiral. We deserve to have about 2 points. So far it's only luck that has stopped us being in complete crisis.

It isnt luck to have a very good keeper that made crucial saves to help us win against Stoke and Bournemouth. Yes we werent great in either game but thats one of the reasons why we paid 30m for a really good keeper prospect to make big saves in big moments of games to help us win matches.

November 03, 2017, 04:39:51 PM
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Just beyond worried now. Villas was a slow decline but you could see it coming a mile off. Poor recruitment and god awful management in the end.

Massive over reaction I will admit but it just all feels so grim.

Villa's was over a big period of time though. Finished 16th, 15th, 15th, 17th before they finally went down. That's 5 years of being awful and bad recruitment summer after summer where by the end the players, fans and club were in pieces.

We finished 7th 6 months ago, we dont know for sure but it's more likely this is a very bad period where players are on absolute bottom confidence and form levels. We had bad periods under moyes early in seasons where good players look bad, then when results started to come they went back to looking good players. We know players like Schneiderlin, Davies, Gueye, Gylfi arent terrible players like theyve looked for most of the season. It is more likely when form and confidence comes back they go back to being good players than all of a sudden all be finished as top flight footballers.

There is a lot of work, but still important to remember we are 9 league games into the season. Plenty of time for whoever comes in to work with them and find a way to get them going and up the table.