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November 04, 2017, 02:16:09 PM
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As said, he's passed the "fit and proper" test, so I'm not worried.

November 06, 2017, 04:46:35 AM
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November 06, 2017, 05:44:23 AM
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Why do you ( @Ross ) seem desperate for this to be an issue? Ever since the takeover you've been full of digs and snide comments. What's your issue? It surely can't be Martinez, again?!

November 06, 2017, 06:06:03 AM
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Iíve said I hope it goes away. The sooner the better. Surely thought itís a bit concerning? Have you ever heard about this sort of thing before?

Quite what the fuck Martinez has to do with anything is beyond me as well.

On the latter, that's when I noticed you got a real bee in your bonnet, and it seems to have been there ever since. Perhaps it was Moshiri's sacking of him the irked you, I don't know. But there are constant digs and jabs littered in numerous threads across the last 18 months or so.

It's not massively concerning to be honest. I thought the BBC's version of events to be rather inflammatory, with the piece in the Guardian being far more sensible. Have you read that yet?

The two are long standing business partners, there are always doing to be close links and murky waters. There's a hell of a lot of boardroom politics going on at Arsenal, and I think this is a move to push Usmanov out, after he'd once again rocked the boat with his public decloration of wanting to buy Korenke out.

My gut feeling is that this will impact Arsenal, if anyone.