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Author Topic: Everton Vs Watford Ratings  (Read 2600 times)

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November 06, 2017, 10:48:25 AM
Read 2600 times


Pickford 4- nearly cost us the game with some mad runs off his line.

Kenny 5 -First half he couldnt get into the game because our two wingers had congregared in the middle of the park. Could of been better for first goal. Improved when wingers came on.

Jags - 6 Still our best CB, cant coach his awerness.

Keane - 5 Meh, hopefully him and Jags can form a partnership. The constant changing of defenders hasn't helped anyone.

Baines - 6 Similar to Kenny, no help. But well done to step up and take that penalty.

Gana - 5 Not his best game, and thought Beni was the better of the two, but understood keeping Gana on.

Beni - 5 A game where he didn't directly effect too much, but he's a very impressive youngster. High hopes for this lad.

Davies -6 Davies being Davies. Even when things aren't going his way, he'll harass, annoy and be snidey. He starts again next week for me.

Rooney -5 He gave the ball away loads. But he created a chance that Baines should of put away, he also got back to cover for Baines twice which stopped good breaks for them. He's not a winger.

Sig - 4 Awful. Anonymous for large parts. He's not a winger.

Niasse -7 What a guy. When you don't have luck. You have to make your own. He does that by chasing everything down and has a superb attitude. Thank you Oumar. MOTM


Lookman- 7 Pace pushed the defence on the back foot. He needs more minutes now. Calm on the ball. He's a winger.

Lennon -7 love the lad, he never really let's the side down. Wins a pen, helps Kenny get into the game.

DCL-7 Took his goal very well, and hopefully he can build on that.

Unsworth - 6 Starting Sig and Rooney out wide was a mistake. Changed it and it came off.

Notes: We finally got that bit of luck that we needed today. We deserved the win, but it could of been very different. I'm still struggling to see the light through the trees but hoping today the start of something.
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