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Author Topic: Which 3 teams can we finish above?  (Read 4151 times)

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November 27, 2017, 03:06:05 AM
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Being one of the most pessimistic of fans I'm resigned to the fact that there isn't any at the mo.

It's obvious the problem didn't just lie with Koeman, this whole thing is rotten to the core.

The last sentence is exactly what I said either here or to a mate after the game. Thereís something not quite right. The players just arenít performing and even with a change of manager things arenít any different if not worse. As much as we blame Unsworth for his inabilities and heís naivety, the players are absolutely shite and need replacing. Thing is they canít go shite overnight.
Think thereís a problem within the squad? I think as itís falling apart thereís maybe some blame getting banded about and itís causing friction. I know Iím making this up but the players look so demotivated, lacking in passion and fight. Itís like theyíre feeling self entitled to stay up and they think itíll just materialise.
Iím seriously worried about us as I canít see one leader on that pitch. There was a possible leader at St Maryís today but he was in the bench.
Turned off after the second goal went in as I knew the inevitable. As did the players, but theyíre there to change that. Itís a long hard slog to Jan and it canít come quick enough.