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Author Topic: Which 3 teams can we finish above?  (Read 4336 times)

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November 26, 2017, 09:19:26 PM
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Not who are we better than, as right now it's nobody. This is probably the list of relegation candidates:

West Brom
West Ham
Crystal Palace

Of those, the only ones we've played that we sorta held our own against was:


Of the rest, the ones that have similar rot, little fight, basically also don't look like much of a team:

Maybe Newcastle. They have a half decent manager at least.

I'd say those would be the three we have a chance of finishing above if nothing changes. That's kinda clutching at straws though.

We're going to need a hell of a January window. As good as the summer one was bad.
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November 27, 2017, 02:26:58 AM
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Palace are not worse than us imo.

They have a structure and a game plan in place with players who can play it which will get them points.

Yeah, they look like a team at least with some sort of identity. They looked better against us and I've seen them a few other times this season where they were pretty unlucky not to get more from the game. Not that they don't have issues, they also have a problem scoring with consistency which is why they're down there.

Bournemouth, Huddersfield and West Ham look like they are at least a team/have an identity even though I expect them to be bottom half and be in the mix.

November 27, 2017, 02:34:44 AM
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And their fortunes have improved since changing manager.

Hence why this sort of thread is pointless before we appoint our own.

Whoever we appoint, we're going to be in a relegation fight this season as anyone in the bottom half will be involved. You don't go through a third of the campaign with the amount of points we have and not be in one.

November 27, 2017, 02:51:45 AM
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Yes but if you think we should get 1.5 points per game across a season then not many of them should / will get that.

“If” we pick up of course.

If we pick up...yeah, I mean I think we have tools at our disposal to get out of this situation.

- We can appoint a manager.
- We can spend money in January.

That gives us options at least that should be better than other teams, which is helped also by the fact that despite how crap we've been the bottom half teams are all pretty crap, all have issues and most are unlikely to go on long runs of form. I mean look how many goals we've leaked and somehow we're not in the bottom three right now at least, and not at all cut adrift.

However, I do not think this is a situation where we turn it around overnight (I think it's going to take a good managerial choice, players returning and 2-3 key signings to shore up the spine of the team to really start moving our fortunes) so I'm assuming we'll be halfway through the season and comfortably bottom half. Possibly even bottom three or thereabouts. So, as a plan B of sorts I was just trying to find solace in teams that also seem kinda broken. As that's how I see us.
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November 27, 2017, 09:50:47 PM
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We not going down, we have quality in our team that will see us through if it gets to that level. We will meander a little and finish maybe 11-12th and have a good cup run. There is no need to worry or panic.

How many players would you say are quality?

November 27, 2017, 11:03:47 PM
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Proven quality?
Pickford, Baines, Jags, Keane, williams(kind of) schneiderlin,Gana,Rooney,Siggurdson, Klassen, Lennon, Bolasie,Coleman,Barkley. McCarthy. Davies not far behind. Sandro will be a decent player once he settles. Niasse has his moments. That's more than enough to keep us up.

You don't look at that list and add a ? next to some of those. I mean yes, some were quality but just based on age (both too old and on the younger end) there has to be some concern.

I'd say you're very generous with your definition of quality looking at that list. I'd say 4 or 5 of those. IF this was 3 or 4 years ago I'd agree but a lot of those are really on the wrong side of their careers age wise. How many of those are really in their prime and PL proven?

November 27, 2017, 11:13:33 PM
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You’d have to ask did anyone expect to be down here at the start of the season?

I’d guess no, so unless everyone was wrong about the level of players that we have then it must be down to the management of them so far.

I think there were enough serious concerns even without hindsight. Not this bad, but still.

I thought we needed to end the window with a GK, 2 CBs (leaving Jagielka and Williams as the cover), a LB (obvious), a RB for cover, LW (obvious), RW (who knows how Bolasie comes back), and 2 strikers (obvious). Probably someone to replace what Barry brought too.

I don't think we addressed many of those adequately at all.

The most fortunate thing that happened this summer, was that we didn't get the Barkley deal done as was wanted. His return alone gives me confidence we can set up some goals.

However, it's basic stuff you don't sell the player who was involved with 90% of your goals and not replace him as everything else gets magnified when the confidence or the ability to score leaves a team.

Going into the season with a reliance on DCL (based on what evidence exactly from the previous season?) was sheer delusion.
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December 01, 2017, 06:33:14 AM
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What are ya saying

December 2 – Huddersfield (H)

December 7 – Apollon Limassol (A)

December 10 – Liverpool (A)

December 13 – Newcastle (A)

December 18 – Swansea (H)

December 23 – Chelsea (H)

December 26 – West Brom (A)

December 30 – Bournemouth (A)

January 1 – Manchester United (H)

8 league games and 1 training match

Potential points - 28

Prediction - 12

Points per game- 1.5

Would you take that?

Edit - probably 9 actually I think but who knows.

If you happened to be a glass half full type, there are some winnable games there.

Lose against Huddersfield though, and that list suddenly looks kinda crappy.

All about the next few games for me, and whether we can start winning games away from home...something that seemed beyond us under Koeman for a very long time. If we drop a lot of points, concede a bunch at Anfield, and it'll be a hard slog to the finish line. However, if we can go on a little run, avoid capitulation at Anfield then confidence can really help turn our form around. As Unsworth himself said, this season will be a lot clearer in terms of objectives in the next few games. If we can somehow drag ourselves up to mid-table and be ready to go with a couple of astute January signings this season could have us looking forward to next season.

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December 01, 2017, 06:40:11 AM
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Edit - probably 9 actually I think but who knows.

Until we can prove we can win the odd away game, I think you're right with some tough home games 9-12 points would be the range.

The lower end being the more likely given our form to date, until proven otherwise.