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December 09, 2017, 08:40:45 PM
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February 02, 2018, 01:09:53 AM
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Both Germany and Spain have better leagues than here.
If you consider the potential for any team to beat any other then Holland, Italy and France are all similar.

If you dont think there is a huge gulf between the top 6 in this league and the other 14 then you're not paying attention (odd aberration of a result aside)

A good indicator of how good a depth a league has is looking at the Europa league. The only time England does well in that is when some of our top 6/champs league teams find themselves in it.

There is clearly a difference between the top 6 and the other 14 PL teams however that difference is even clearer in La Liga and The Bundesliga.

The  EL has as far as I'm aware only been won by one of the big teams in the Spanish, German or English top flight in recent years.

I don't recall many occassions when the likes of Barca, Real, Bayern where beaten by a team like Eibar, Getafe, Koln, Mainz etc....but just last night Bournemouth beat the reigning PL champions and whilst a shock to some degree it happens far more in the PL than La Liga or Bundesliga.

That is why the PL is the best and most competitive league
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February 02, 2018, 02:17:05 AM
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Isn't the difference even clearer because them other leagues have genuinely great teams where as England in recent times haven't. City look a top team now?? How many did they win on the spin??

Also more competitive. Leicester won it easily. Chelsea won it easily. City will win it easily. Spain has had some very close races between 3 of the best club sides in the world

Not sure what defines best. Not the best teams. Not the closest races. Random winners including the mighty Leicester

Some would say that the difference could be that Barca, Real Madrid and Bayern negotiate their own tv deals and because they are the biggest clubs in Spain and Germany the money is massively weighted in their favour.

Real and Barca have been bailed out by banks and Spanish Royal Family in recent(ish) times yet still have a disproportionate amount of funds in comparison to the other spanish top flight clubs.

You say our PL isn't close but only a few years ago Aguerro won it on the last day. Then there is Leicester, Leicester kind of proves the point about the competitiveness of the PL because as they showed any team on any given day can beat another.

The way the TV money is shared out amongst PL teams is far more equitable than La Liga or Bundesliga, its why the PL has far more clubs in the top 20 financial list than La Liga or Bundesliga

Looking forward to the day Espanyol, Real Betis etc...win La Liga
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February 02, 2018, 02:31:07 AM
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Yes but Leicester was a complete fluke. No one thought it was remotely possible before the season started.

Itís barely comprehensible now even.

You have to go back to Leeds to find a previous unlikely winner.

Competitiveness is only judged by what you can reasonably expect.

Indeed it was a fluke but nonetheless it happened. When was the last time an unexpected team won La Liga or Bundesliga?

When was the last time a team like Celta Vigo, Real Sociedad, Nurnburg or 1860 Munchen won their top flight?

Yes Leicester was a fluke but it doesn't change the fact that on any given day a struggling team like West Brom can beat one of the top 6 whereas in La Liga or Bundesliga its a real shock when Barca, Bayern or Real get beat by one of the struggling teams in their division
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