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December 30, 2017, 07:10:59 PM
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Shame really, because I always liked Mirallas. I remember him carrying the fight a few years ago (Liverpool and Villa iirc) under Martinez, when everyone else seemed to have given up.

But he's become increasingly unreliable and unproductive and seems to have a terrible attitude to go with it. Time to go now.


One of my biggest pain-points as an Everton supporter has been the derbies, so to see someone get stuck in, in the right way, bought Mirallas a lot of favour with me.

But the amount of times he has not been arsed or has not shown his quality or has not been brave enough to run at players has slowly eroded this to the point where I would prefer him to leave now.

Guaranteed to score a worldy against us if he goes to WHU though. You have been warned...

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