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April 30, 2018, 12:30:49 AM
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We Wouldn't.

Not currently but i think thereís been an over estimation about how good they are.

If we had a good manager I wouldnít just be accepting a defeat if we played them.

April 30, 2018, 12:40:15 AM
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Theyíre a level or 5 above Derby though regardless of how theyíd stack up against us.


But his issues arenít skill.

Itís decision making etc. which are improved under pressure and experience of it.

And Iíll still stand by heís done this loan move for himself.

Which doesnít sound bad but everyone hates senior players who try to leave etc.

April 30, 2018, 05:49:31 PM
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The more intense the league the higher the pressure and heís clearly getting the experience and at a much higher level than the championship.

Of course heís done it for himself, heís looking to make himself the best he possibly can be whether thatís with Everton, Derby of Leipzig.

The intensity issue is the key.

Being thrown on for cameo sub appearances, with an ďexpress yourself remitĒ etc isnít the same pressure as having responsibility for starting games where mistakes even early on in a game may cost you.

Heís been starting more games recently so thatís good.

And Iíve no problem with players looking out for themselves but lots of people do. Heís just got an easy ride because most people donít like Allardyce otherwise I think he would have been panned for going against club wishes.

April 30, 2018, 07:05:19 PM
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I've said similar before, but even if he has gone against the club's wishes, it doesn't mean that the club's decision was right for his development.

I think there's very much a progressive argument to make that sending young players abroad - and exposing them to other cultures/styles of play - is the right thing to do here. For attacking players at least, anyway.

There probably was a 'feathering his own nest' side to it as you suggest, but on our side of it, his decision's probably vindicated in that he's actually been starting some games and coming off the bench.

When you've got people like Royle/Dobson, Walsh and Allardyce making decisions on loans, you're probably only ever going to get them going to British clubs because that's what they're used to. This might make sense if you don't think they're ever going to make it at Premier League level, give them experience of the rough and tumble of the lower leagues. If they're likely to be top level players though, I'm not sure it does.

Yes and I think that approach is enhanced if youíre going to be appointing managers from outside of the English game more often.

April 30, 2018, 07:09:21 PM
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Think heís been eligible for 11 games since his move, heís started 5 games and featured significantly in 4 others.

Considering the first two games came within 8 days of him landing in Germany Iíd say thatís a decent amount of football for a 20 year old lad out on loan no matter what club heís playing for.

As for the Allardyce point itís unlikely heíd have sort out a loan move if he wasnít the manager given the mismatch in skill sets he requests and the player has.   

Yeah I said at the time that the move should be judged on starts etc come the end of the period.

Iím far from being against players getting different experiences.

Itís just that when Iíve watched Lookman, he looks like he needs a) decision making and b) the stamina you gain from playing 90 mins every week.

That was a gamble going to Leipzig.

April 30, 2018, 07:29:39 PM
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He has started several games for a side chasing 4th and Champions League qualification, and his two goals have come in substitute appearances. I think the intensity is surely there -- about as real as it gets.

I donít think sub appearances are, inherently.

As said, heís started more games recently though so thatís better.

Itís just not the absolute no brainer option, from the point of view of him coming back here and being good for us, that it is often portrayed as.

May 13, 2018, 01:01:51 PM
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While he might want to stay there I donít think that heís been treated appallingly here, thatís stretching things.

We obviously wanted him to go to Derby but we didnít stop him from going to Leipzig.