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Author Topic: Firmino/Holgate incident  (Read 23680 times)

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February 22, 2018, 06:00:09 AM
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Holgate absolutely felt he had heard something racist. The ref could have cleared this up straight away. He was stood between them. It’s fair to assume he knew exactly what was said. At the moment holgate said “he called me a n****r” the ref could have said “no he didn’t he said......”

The thing I’ve never understood about the claims he played the race card to avoid getting sent off is that with all the cameras there and the ref between them he would have “known” he would be caught out.
It’s nice though to see Liverpool and their fans completely exonerated though, it’s like none of them actually did racially abuse holgate afterwards or anything.
The cultists are pursuing the party line that he nearly killed firmino again which is laughable. Not to mention the “homophobic” tweets they dragged up. They will not be resting till he’s in prison for attempted murder and banned for life because of the tweets. 😂😂
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