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Author Topic: New Defence Needed  (Read 4326 times)

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January 24, 2018, 07:02:21 PM
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Dr. Sponge

Yes new defence needed. I think Holgate would be the only survivor of this current back four if the fans were in charge of the cheque book. Kenny has potential, true, but he's not playing very well at the moment as it's too soon for him.

People say we have talent in the squad, and it's true we do, but only in certain positions. CBs are either really old or inexperienced, LB has no left foot, RB is inexperienced, we've only just bought a proper striker and DMs are vastly underperforming and have been all season.

This is too many positions of poor quality to carry, so until most of them are addressed we're gonna continue to be a bit shit.

In my opinion, you can't have poor quality in both DM and fullback area or attacks can't be started properly without a long ball.

January 24, 2018, 08:11:03 PM
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Dr. Sponge

if you look at the 3 teams units within our team in isolation ie: defence - midfield - attack....

we have problems all over the team....all three areas need strengthening in one way or another....OR

working on and gelling together, first as units then a team bringing them together........

In each unit I believe at this precise moment in time.....we are only 1 player away from each unit becoming a solid unit
defence = 1 solid experienced centre half....
midfield = 1 ball playing controlling midfielder..
attack = a target man goalscorer

and for me the key to knitting the jigsaw together is the midfielder.....

So you don't think we need a left back?