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Author Topic: Shots on target predictions thread  (Read 5719 times)

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January 21, 2018, 05:00:10 AM
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Audrey Horne

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you take all the time you need to go back and find were I have said Big Sam was the manager I wanted
but he is the manager we have and to be getting on like that at a home game happy he is not getting the backing of the "Fans" on the match day says a lot about you

he has come in here after 2 real clueless cunts but it all down to him WAKE UP

what happens when the next manager comes in and we lose a few games or not play well

if he goes in the summer or is here next year this crap that is going on at the home games needs stopping now

wanting seat close to the pitch in the new ground this keeps up I would understand them not wanting to

Holgate had a crap game today funny that its the same day all this crap was going on and Kenny was not much better

but some are really happy they got to BEFORE a ball was kicked to start with this crap

the pride of Merseyside at it best

what the fuck are you taking?!
I have to return some videotapes.

Vamos lá Everton!