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February 01, 2018, 04:29:50 PM
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Lincs Toffee

Just to reiterate what everyone one else has said about Seamus, he has been a huge missing part in our team and last night showed how much we needed someone to take control of the ball and bring it forward, something that Seamus is excellent at and his link up play after only one game with Walcott can only bode well for the future. His determination and enthusiasm is the epitome of what we are about and what we have been severely missing, without a shadow of a doubt he should be our next captain next season.

On a side note, hats off to JJK for deputising, you cant knock what he has done in filling the void what Seamus left, however he has a fair way to go to be looking at challenging for a place, but he does have the best to learn from.

Welcome back Seamus !
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